Konstantin Offer

Konstantin Offer

Doctoral Candidate
Research interests: • formal models of decision-making • mechanisms of bounded rationality • neurodevelopment across the lifespan • mechanisms of collective intelligence • deliberate ignorance • ethics


Academic education

since 2021   Doctoral candidate, Max Planck School of Cognition, Leipzig, Germany
                        Doctoral research performed at Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany
                       Supervisor: Ralph Hertwig
                       Lab rotations in the orientation phase:
                       Michael Pauen
                       Ralph Hertwig & David Pietraszewski and
                       Christoph Engel

2018–2019  Master of Education in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

2017–2018  Master of Philosophy in Management, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

2016              Education Abroad Program, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

2013–2016  Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Major: Neuroscience and Psychology), University College Utrecht, the Netherlands


Academic awards and scholarships

2019 Intellectual Contribution Award, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

2017 Cambridge Trust Scholarship, University of Cambridge, UK

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