Fabian M. Renz

Fabian M. Renz

Doctoral Candidate
Research interests: • integration of methodological approaches in cognitive science research• neurophysiological underpinnings of conscious experience • computational approaches in cognitive science • levels of analysis

Academic education

since 2020 Doctoral candidate, Max Planck School of Cognition, Leipzig
2017–2021 Master of Science in Cognitive Science, University of Vienna, Austria
2017–2020 Master of Science in Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria
2014–2017 Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria

Poster presentations and talks

Renz, F.  M., Steyrl, D., Haugg, A., Lor, C., Götzendorfer, S. J., Nicholson, N., Hellrung, L., Papoutsi, M., Marxen, M., MacInnes, J., Adcock, A., Dickerson, K., Chen, N. K., Young, K., Bodurka, J., Shuxia, J., Becker, B., Auer, T., Schweizer, R., Emmert, K., Haller, S., Van De Ville, D., Kim, D. Y., Lee, J. H., Marins, T., Weiskopf, N., Scharnowski, F. (2019). Predicting neurofeedback performance. Poster presented at Real-time functional imaging and neurofeedback conference, Maastricht, Netherlands, December 7–11.

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