Alina E. C. Panzel

Alina E. C. Panzel

Doctoral Candidate
Research interests: • cognitive modulation of pain processing • placebo and nocebo effect • effect of expectation and experience on pain perception • cortico-spinal imaging of pain


Academic education

since 2021    Doctoral candidate, Max Planck School of Cognition, Leipzig, Germany
                        Doctoral research performed at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
                        Supervisor: Christian Büchel
                        Lab rotations in the orientation year: Christian Büchel, Patrick Haggard and Tor Wager

2019–2020   Master of Science in Clinical, Social & Cognitive Neuroscience, City, University of London, UK

2015–2019   Bachelor of Science in Biology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

2017–2018 The University of Melbourne, Australia (Semester abroad) 



2022 Visiting Lecturer in 'Statistical Models in MATLAB', City University of London, UK

2021 Student Tutor in ‘Statistical models in MATLAB'



Schreyer, S., Klein, C., Pfeffer, A., Rasińska, J., Stahn, L., Knuth, K., Abuelnor, B., Panzel, A. E. C., Rex, A., Koch, S., Hemmati-Sadeghi, S., & Steiner, B. (2020). Chia seeds as a potential cognitive booster in the APP23 Alzheimer's disease model. Scientific Reports, 10(1):18215. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-75209-z

Schreyer, S., Berndt, N., Eckstein, J., Mülleder, M., Hemmati-Sadeghi, S., Klein, C., Abuelnor, B., Panzel, A., Meierhofer, D., Spranger, J., Steiner, B., & Brachs, S. (2021). Dietary-challenged mice with Alzheimer-like pathology show increased energy expenditure and reduced adipocyte hypertrophy and steatosis. Aging, 13(8), 10891–10919.

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