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Max Planck School of Cognition?   JOIN US!

The Max Planck School of Cognition is a fully-funded graduate school with a renowned network of researchers in Germany (and beyond) from various universities, Max Planck Institutes and other research institutions!

We offer you a doctoral program with:
• an initial orientation year including eLearning and lab rotations
• Cognition Academies throughout the program with teachings and soft-skill trainings
• cutting edge research topics in the overall field of cognition

You can apply with a Bachelor's (fast-track) or Master's degree. Find out what you need to submit for an application with us here.

Find answers to many questions about our program and the application process in our FAQ section. We also offer guidance to our applicants through the Applicant Support Program (via the application portal)



Caedyn Stinson, doctoral candidate

Caedyn Stinson, doctoral candidate

"I have always found conspiracy theories, propoganda, and misinformation to be as fascinating as they are infuriating. Why is it that certain mistruths can resonate so widely? What does the mental process look like for an individual who adopts these beliefs? What can we as scientists do to better communicate evidence based information to combat this?
To study these questions, I needed a doctoral programme that would encourage the cross disciplinary research that would be required to properly investigate this topic, ranging from the neural processes of the individual to the social physics that governs how we act as a population. The School of Cognition has been great in giving me exposure to a wide range of experts and giving me the best oportunity to gain insights into this complex topic."


Katrin Amunts, speaker
"The Max Planck School of Cognition is an interdisciplinary school where the leading research groups in Germany, but also in the Netherlands or UK collaborate. These groups try to educate a new generation of students who will approach cognition from many different angles having a broad repertoire of methods and abilities. And therefore will be in a position to help to serve one of the biggest mysteries, that is human brain and cognition." more


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