5. Selection

FAQ 5.1 How many students will be accepted per academic year?
Admission to the school is highly competitive. The Max Planck School of Cgnition will accept up to 25 doctoral candidates each academic year. 

FAQ 5.2 When will I hear about my application?
Applicants will be notified by email about the decision of the selection committee. Candidates on the short-list will be invited for interviews at the end of February before a final decision is made.

FAQ 5.3 Are there special requirements for applicants from so-called embargo countries?
We welcome applications from countries all around the world. Internally, the country of origin has no bearing on whether or not an applicant will be accepted into the program. However, additional checks are required by the government during the visa process for candidates from so-called embargoed countries. This may delay the visa process and in rare cases lead to a non-issuance of a visa by the state institution. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this process or outcome.
You can check here if your country of origin is listed as an embargo country.

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