4. Costs and Financial Support

FAQ 4.1 Is there financial assistance provided for successful candidates?
Yes. All successful applicants receive a competitive monthly income which will cover costs of living:

  • In the first year of the program (so-called orientation year) students will receive a stipend (1,565 € net) plus additional support for health insurance (if applicable; max. 100 €);
  • With successful completion of the orientation year, doctoral candidates get a contract according to the local Wage Agreement for Public Service.

FAQ 4. 2 I was invited for an interview but cannot afford the cost of travel. What happens now?
The Max Planck School of Cognition will reimburse invited applicants for their travel expenses.

FAQ 4. 3 Can I receive a waiver for the GRE general test?
No. A waiver is not possible.

FAQ 4. 4 Can I receive a waiver for English language tests?
If, by the provided eligibility criteria, you were classified as needing to provide proof of English proficiency then you must do so. A waiver is not possible.

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