Supervisor selection

The selection of a supervisor is always confirmed during the orientation year. Each doctoral candidate enters the program with an initial choice of three potential supervisors. This selection can be solidified or even extended during the orientation year via lab rotations. However, the Max Planck School of Cognition cannot guarantee a specific supervisor. The selection process is also dependent on the preference of the desired supervisor as well as the choices of the other candidates each year. Usually, there is a limit to one doctoral candidate per supervisor per year.

Thus, the final result depends on a variety of factors and flexibility in the process is necessary. But the candidates can expect that one of their three choices (which they can adjust during the orientation year) should be possible independent of preferred order.
This emphasizes the importance of strategic planning for lab rotations to ensure a solid foundation for the final decision. The Curriculum Officer of the Max Planck School of Cognition helps facilitating this process throughout the orientation year.

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